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Admission Policy

Eligibility Criteria

  • Most applicants have to have a high school diploma or equivalent for requirements. 
  • Some basic knowledge of computers, including the use of the Internet, is required. 
  • No marketing experience is needed before this, passion for digital marketing is a plus.


Application Process

  • Future students should bring a finished application form along with a request for academic transcripts or relevant certificates. Prospective students may also need to submit a career objective statement that shows their interest in digital marketing.


Selection Criteria

  • Scrutiny of educational history and excellence. 
  • An inclination towards digital marketing is evident in previous courses, research work, or placements. 
  • Personal attributes, including innovation, logical reasoning techniques, and communicating power, can be evaluated through essays or oral interviews. 
  • Recommendations or testimonials from others who have inquired about the candidate’s talents and likelihood of prosperity may also be necessary.


Interview Process (if applicable)

  • Possible entrants may be called for a personal or virtual interview. 
  • These interviews may concentrate on examining the candidate’s motivation, professional ambitions, and fitness for the scheme.


English Language Proficiency

  • Non-native English speakers may need to demonstrate proficiency in English through standardized tests like TOEFL or IELTS, especially for programs taught in English.


Diversity and Inclusivity

  • The institute values diversity and encourages applications from individuals with diverse backgrounds, experiences, and perspectives.


Admission Decision

  • Acceptance decisions consider the applicant’s qualifications, potential, and fit with the objectives of the program in a holistic review. 
  • Formal admission offers with specifics on enrollment deadlines and procedures will be extended to shortlisted applicants.


Enrollment Requirements

  • After being admitted, students will be asked to verify their admission by sharing some deposit which is a payment required in advance before giving someone something or making it become hers; It is often intended as a security deposit against loss or used as part of an agreement between two parties. 
  • Registration fees could exist therein, too. Further documents, including medical records, can also be requested upon registration, including those for domestic scholars as well as those for foreign scholars seeking admission abroad; hence, visa details are mandatory.


Orientation and Onboarding

  • Accepted students will receive information about orientation sessions, course registration, and program expectations prior to the start of classes.

Placement Policy


Placement Guarantee: Guru 360 Training Academy will be responsible for providing you with a placement guarantee only if you are eligible for the 100% placement guarantee criteria. The guarantee criteria demand a few mandatory things from you and those things are as follows:

  • Students can expect a placement only after the completion of the selected course.

  • Guru 360 Training Academy only provides placement to those whose attendance is either 80% or above. 

  • There will be a quality test conducted by Guru 360 Training Academy after the completion of the course. Students should score either 80% or above to be eligible for the placement. 

NOTE: If you are eligible for the placement criteria, Guru 360 Training Academy asks for your time and patience. Getting students placed in well-established companies could take some time. It can take from 3 months to 6 months, depending on the market’s requirements and demands.



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